This was probably the most beautiful sunset I´ve ever seen in this journey.

There are several reasons caused Tarifa and Trafalgar became one of my favorite.

1. The Atlantic and the Mediterranean is separated by the narrowness between Europe and Africa.

2. The marvelous beach continues for kilometers as below.

3.  My journey is just the same as sunset that always beautiful but near the end.

I believe that I will come back Tarifa one day in summer because I would like to spend all day at the beach.

The rest of my travelling plan as below:

20071112 to 1114 Go to find out how incredible Madrid is..(by Jolin...ha!!)

20071116 to 1117 Visit a small and tax free country ¨Andorra¨ where is between Spain and France.

20071118 to 1119 Seek the soul of Gaudi in Barcelona

20071121 to 1127 Relax and enjoy the super friendly expenditures in Bangkok.

To all of my families and friends who miss me and concern my exact return timing.

I´ll arrive Taiwan at 22:45 on 11/27. My flight number is TG 636.

After long time no see, I´m looking forward to seeing u all.....

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