重點整理事發時間表: (以下時間為BST 英國夏令時間)

Friday July 22:

1430: A loud explosion shatters windows and leads to evacuations of office buildings near the government headquarters in Oslo city centre. The buildings include the office of prime minister Jens Stoltenberg, who is soon confirmed to be safe, as he was working at home.

1430: 奧斯路政府行政中心附近的一棟辦公大樓,傳出巨大爆炸聲而後即刻進行疏散。首相Stoltenberg的辦公室就在這棟建物裡。首相的安危馬上被確認無虞,因事發當時他正在家中辦公。


1615: It is confirmed that the explosion was caused by a bomb.

1615: 這場爆炸被確認由炸彈造成。 

1745: Police say they are sending anti-terror police to a youth camp on an island outside Oslo after reports of a shooting there. The news site VG reports that a man dressed in a police uniform has opened fire at the camp at Utoya, and several people are injured.

1745: 警方表示他們收到通知,在奧斯陸外圍一座小島上的青年營隊傳出槍擊之後,立刻派遣反恐警察前往。 新聞報導有個身著警察制服的人,在Utoya營隊開槍造成數人受傷。

1815: Norway Labour Party spokesman Per Gunnar Dahl says a man has been shooting at youths assembled for the party's annual youth camp at Utoya. Unconfirmed reports are that five people were hit. He says around 700 people, mostly teenagers aged 14 to 18, were assembled for the camp.

1815: 挪威工黨發言人Per Gunnar Dahl說有個男人連續射擊聚集在Utoya的黨團年度青年營隊的年輕人。未經確認的報導是有五人被擊中。他說營隊中大約有700名年齡介於14~18歲的年輕人。

1835: It is reported that one person has been arrested after the youth camp shooting.

1835: 有個人在營隊槍擊案發生後被逮捕。


1900: It is confirmed that seven people died in the bomb blast.

1900: 已確認炸彈爆炸案中有七名罹難著。

1945: An eyewitness to the shootings says he saw more than 20 bodies.

1945: 一名證人說在槍擊案中他看到至少20具屍體。

Mr Stoltenberg says: "Co-workers have lost their lives today... it's frightening. That's not how we want things in our country. But it's important that we don't let ourselves be scared. Because the purpose of that kind of violence is to create fear."

首相Stoltenberg說: "今天我們的同事失去了生命...很令人驚嚇。這不是我們國家想要的事情。但是更重要的是,我們不能害怕。因為這種的暴力行為的主要目的,就是要創造恐懼。"

2050: Police say the man arrested after the shooting is linked to the bombing in Oslo. It emerges that Mr Stoltenberg had been due to speak at the summer camp on Saturday.

2050: 警察表示那個在營隊槍擊案中被逮捕的男子,與在奧斯陸發生的爆炸案連貫。原因似乎為首相預計在周六到營隊中演講。

2055: Police say that nine or 10 people were killed in the shooting.

2055: 警方說有9~10人在槍擊案中身亡。

2150: Norway's justice minister says the gunman is Norwegian.

2150: 挪威司法部長證實這名槍手是挪威人。

2340: Police say the attacks do not appear to be linked to Islamist terrorism.

2340: 警方表示此項恐怖襲擊似乎與伊斯蘭恐怖主義無關。 

Saturday July 23:

0040: The gunman is named in reports as Norwegian Anders Behring Breivik, 32. The suspect is said to have acted alone, with no links to international terrorist organisations.

0040: 報導中槍手姓名為挪威籍男子Anders Behring Breivik, 32歲。據說嫌犯單獨行動,與國際恐怖組織無關。


0250: At least 80 people were killed in the shooting, police say.

0250: 槍擊案中至少80人死亡,警方說。

0450: Police say the suspect had right-wing and anti-Muslim views, but the motive for the attacks was unclear. They warn the death toll from the shootings could rise, and others are severely injured. "This seems like a madman's work," an official says.

0450: 警方表示嫌犯為右派及反穆斯林份子,但是此次攻擊的動機未明。 他們警告槍擊罹難者人數可能還會增加,而且多人受重傷。"看起來像是個瘋子的作為。"一名官方人士說。

0850: The death toll from the shooting stands at 84 and with the bombing it is 91.



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